Location of Kanha National Park

kanha-location-indiaKanha Tiger Reserve lies within logitude 80° - 26' - 10" to 81° -4' -40" and latitude 22°-1°-5" to 22°-27'-48".
The tiger reserve ( 1,949 sq km ) has two divisons: core zone ( national park, 940 sq km ), and buffer zone ( mutliple use area, 1009 sq km ). Besides, there is also the Phen Wildlife Sanctuary ( 110.740 sq km ) which serves as a satellitic micro core.

Kanha National Park, which is amongst the well known tiger reserves worldwide, is located among the Banjar and Halon valleys in the Mandla / Balaghat districts of the state of Madhya Pradesh India,Kanha is located 160 kilometers (100 miles) south east of Jabalpur.Kanha stratches across 22° 7' to 22° 27' N and 80° 26' to 81° 3' E. The Park has two entrances at opposite ends, one at Khatia - Kisli and the other one is from Mukki gate. the distance between Mukki and Kisli gate is about 40 kms. Its borders touch Raipur city of Chattisgarh. Situated in the Maikal hills in the dense forests between the Vindhya and Satpura ranges, is India's second national park has variety of flora and fauna. Kanha suffers from extremities of climate with scorching hot summers and chilly winters. Monsoons offers relief to wild animals in Kanha tiger reserve but the road within the park become very dirty and gets damaged during this season. The best time to visit Kanha is from the winter Season to the beginning of spring Season, i.e., from the months of October to April.

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