Elephant Safari in Kanha

Elephant Safari in Kanha National ParkKanha national park is counted among most beautiful and well managed national park of India. During many occasions, it has won title of most "Tourist-friendly" national park of India. It is divided into four safari zones: Kanha Zone, Kisli Zone, Sarhi Zone & Mukki Zone. Jeep safaris are allowed in all these safari zones. Till year 2011, elephant safari is offered to tourists through a program called "Tiger-show". This was the easiest way to enjoy small elephant ride, during morning safari round. Since then this program has been closed in all the national parks of Madhya Pradesh, including Kanha national park. For this Forest Department has some justified reasons among which most prominent one is shortage of trained elephants. Wild elephants are not available in any forest area of Madhya Pradesh state due to which they have to purchase elephants from other states of India, mostly from South Indian states. Each elephant is very costly and after that they need to be trained for their duties. Their primary duty is forest patrolling and use in safari ride is secondary part. Field Director is the supreme authority to take decision in this regard. After closing of "Tiger-show", elephant safari becomes difficult for normal tourists. Majority of tourists are now not able to enjoy elephant ride in Kanha national park. Now elephant ride is allowed to those who have booked full-day jeep safari for wildlife photography or film-making. Its cost is also very high due to which, budget or middle class visitors are not able to undertake this ride.

How to book Elephant Safari
Elephant Rides in KanhaNow elephant ride is offered to wildlife photographers or film-makers, after written permission from Field Director of Kanha National Park. It is a costly process in which guest will do to 03:00hrs of elephant ride and for rest of the day, they will do full-day jeep safari. Process is to first submit an application with visitors details, travel date etc. to Field Director office. Concerned officer will go through each application and will take decision on it. If we are fortunate enough to get the permission, we have to submit requested 100% payment. Here applications are entertained on first come first serve basis. Usually allotment decisions were made 24hrs before actual date so till 24hrs before, we may not be sure about allotment. Here preference is provided to those applications who have applied for full-day jeep safari and elephant ride on same day. Here we have to understand that permission is granted by Field Director, by using his discretionary power. In case of any severe emergency, permission may be revoked with refund. The best way to do all this is to go through any good luxury resort. They have expertise in it.

Kanha National Park won the 1999 - 2000 Best Tourism Friendly National Park Award of the Department of Tourism. Government of India.

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