Kanha Safari Zones

Kanha Jungle Safari Their are four popular safari zones in Kanha national park i.e. Kanha Zone, Kisli Zone, Mukki Zone and Sarhi Zone. Tourists can do jungle safari in any of the safari zone, as per their safari tickets booking. All these safari zones are open for tourists from October to June month. Their safari tickets can do booked in advance to secure visit to desired safari zone in desired date. Among them, Kanha safari zone is the oldest one. Earlier this is the only safari zone for visitors. But with the increase in popularity of park, more tourists were arriving thus, Forest Department opened second safari zone called Mukki Zone. It is another popular safari zone of Kanha national park and conveniently located for tourists arriving from Raipur or Gondia towns. They are popular arrival & departure points for tourists. After a long gap, Sarhi zone was introduced for tourists to ensure better the tourists crowd distribution in forest area and allow more tourists to visit the national park. With this, concept of Premium & Non-premium safari zones was introduced and Kanha zone was declared as Premium safari zone whose safari ticket fee was higher than any other safari zone. Just after one year of these changes, Kisli zone was carved out from Kanha safari zone and thus it becomes fourth safari zone of Kanha national park. It was earlier treated as Kanha zone so its importance is always considered equivalent to Kanha zone. All these safari zones are part of Kanha national park which is again part of Kanha Tiger Reserve. Here it is important to note that Kanha national park is just these four safari zones but park area is much larges than total of these four safari zones. More than 80% of park area is untouched where, as per NTCA rule, safari activity is not allowed.

Safari Schedule
Kisli Zone
Kanha Zone
Sarhi Zone
Mukki Zone
Morning Round 12 28 15 23
Evening Round 08 17 15 22
* Half day closed on Every Wednesday
* Full-day Safari closed on Diwali & Holi Festival Day (in March month)
* Maximum 06 visitors in one safari jeep. Carry original ID document during all safari drives.

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