Kanha Safari Zone

As we know that Kanha national park is divided into 4 safari zones i.e. Kanha Zone, Kisli Zone, Mukki Zone and Sarhi Zone. Among them, Kanha safari zone is the oldest one. When other 3 safari zones were not in existence, Kanha safari zone was open for tourists and wildlife lovers. Earlier Kisli zone was part of Kanha zone. At present Kanha zone is spread from central to west of Kanha national park. When we enter from Khatia entrance gate, we first approach to Kisli safari zone and after some drive, we will be able to enter into Kanha safari zone area. Because it is the oldest safari zone, thus most of the popular Kanha places to visit are found in this zone. In below given table, we have listed some of the Kanha zone tourist attractions or popular areas. While undertaking jungle safari drive in this zone, we will heard about these names from mouth of safari guide. Here it is important to know that Kanha zone is further divided into safari routes. Every safari vehicle is allotted one route from entrance gate to Central Point and another route to return back from Central Point to Khatia entrance gate. Central Point is a common halting point where guests have a journey break to go for toilet, have pack breakfast, visit to Kanha museum, do shopping etc. Here feeding to birds or other animals is strictly not allowed. After spending 15-30 minutes, safari vehicles begun return journey. Route system helps to manage even distribution of safari vehicle in forest area and avoid any congestion of safari vehicles for sake of animal sighting. Violation of route is a treated as offense and may cause monetary fine or banning of safari vehicle. It is the duty of safari guide to check any such violation and he/she will be help responsible if any such violation reported. This shows the importance of forest department safari guide, during safari drive. At Kanha safari zone we can find varying landscapes like valleys, meadows, dense forest, hilly terrains etc. It is a photogenic zone where we will witness beautiful jungle with high possibility of tiger sighting. During the time, when safari zones are categorized in premium and non-premium categories, only Kanha zone was in Premium zone category and its entrance fee was also high. At present no such categorization exists.

Kanha Meadows Kanha Museum Shravan Chita
Shravan Tal Dashrath Machaan Bison Road
Nakti Ghati Umerpani Bishanpura
Kanhari Camp Machadadar (Meadow) Bija Dadar (Meadow)
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