Sarhi Zone


Sarhi zone in Kanha national park is created after Kanha zone and Mukki safari zone. At that time, Kisli zone was part of Kanha zone. Sarhi zone lies in Northern region of national park. Here also we can find meadows area where we can find large herds of spotted deer, busy in grazing. In compare to Kanha zone and Mukki zone, it is new due to which it was not much exposed to safari guides. This resulted into less tiger spotting. Due to such impression many tourists adjudged it as worst safari zone or good for other animals but not for tiger. With the passage of time, they were proved wrong. By doing more and more safari drives in Sarhi zone, tourist guides updated their knowledge by notifying tiger areas of Sarhi zone, recognizing their popular safari routes. Now a days, Sarhi zone is considered equally important and tourists are going for Sarhi zone safari without any suspect in their mind. Those who are looking for jungle safari, away from disturbance of passing by vehicles, leopard sites, sloth bear sites, wild dog (Dhole) sites, they should must visit Sarhi Zone. Tigers found in Sarhi zone are mainly sub-adults or old who are forced out of territory of dominant mails of Kanha. It will wrong to say that Sarhi tiger sighting is poor as it is linked with Kanha and Kisli zones and their is no physical boundary in between safari zones so no restriction on animals movement. For visiting Sarhi safari zone, two entry gates are offered. For shared safaris, tourists have to enter from Bichhaiya gate and for full vehicle permit holders, entry is allowed from Khatia entrance gate. Actual gate for Sarhi zone is Bichhiya gate, approx. 45kms away from Khatia gate and here accommodation options are very limited so it would be better to undertake full vehicle permit safari for visiting Sarhi zone and stay in any Khatia gate resort.

Places to visit

Here we have listed some of the popular places to visit in Sarhi Zone. As this forest is less exposed to tourists thus it is worth to undertake safari drives in this forest area. It is dense forest area with good sighting different mammal species. Famous Hallon river valley, which is important constituent of Kanha Tiger Reserve, passes through zone. Till this zone was not opened for visitors, Hallon river valley remain hidden from tourists but now we have the chance to visit this important river valley.
Jamuntola Umerkhera Camp Ronda Camp
Mahuadabri Kariwaha Camp Ganeri-dadar
Sonf Camp Kariwah Camp Khuluwa

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