Kanha Barasingha Deer

barasingha-kanhaThe resurgence of the hard ground barasingha ( Cervous duvauceli branderi ) in Kanha National Park is one of the most inspiring success stories in the history of wildlife conservation.

Recognized as a sub species of the nominate species of the swamp deer ( Cervus duvauceli duvauceli ) of the sub - Himalayan terai of north India, the hard ground barasingha is a food specialist with a narrow niche, and an exclusively graminvorous deer species, that is, the animal is dependent totally on grasses and grasslands.

In the terai region of India, the exclusive terai saravannas and marshy tall grasslands favour these animals. Although the hard ground sub species has adapted itself to the hard ground conditions of central India, it steill reveals its evolutionary prefrences for swamps and water. The deer in habits grassy areas in moist pockets and never moves far from water. Tall grass cover is extremely essential for its successful bredding.

Hard ground barasingha peacefully interact with chital. Researchers have pointed out common utilization of grasslands by the two species. However, the patterns of utilization differ, reducing their competition for forage. The barasingha shows a preference for quatic plants and often wades into water, frequently dipping its muzzle to feed on water plants. The males wallow in shallow muddy pools during the rutting period in winter.
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